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Pork, Whole or Half

Buying our pork in whole or half portions lets you decide exactly what you want, as well as being the most cost effective. There are a wide variety of things to choose from as well as multiple options for sausage flavours. A typical order includes:

-Bacon (smoked or not)

-Sausage (regular, regular smoked, honey garlic, breakfast, garlic, italian mild, italian hot) or ground pork

-Pork chops or back ribs, peameal bacon and pork loin


-Ham (black forest, old fashioned, steaks, or bone in fresh ham) or Schnitzel

-Butt roasts or chops

-Picnic roasts




Our price is $5.75 per pound for the hanging weight which includes the cost of the butcher and having your meat vacuum packed. Hanging weights vary between 240-290 lbs usually. 


We take deposits in the early spring and you can expect to have your pork in October or November, depending on rate of growth and the butcher's schedule. We use J- Mar Meats in Mount Forest and have been very happy with them over the years. Once your pork is ready, you can either pick it up from our farm or from the butcher. We require a $200 deposit per half, and the rest of the cost will be due when your portion is ready. Our preferred method of payment is etransfer (to avoid extra fees) and payments can be sent to


All our heritage breed pigs are born and raised on our farm and live out in the fields and forests with plenty of room, fresh air and sunshine. They are able to root around and act out their true nature. Our pork is GMO, hormone, and antibiotic free.

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