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Why should we purchase products from you?

We are a small, family run farm that really cares about our animals welfare and ultimately our end product. Our pigs are raised as nature intended, on pasture and in the forest with plenty of space and fresh air. We also supplement their diet with certified organic feed. These conditions create a superior product that we are sure you and your family will enjoy immensely!


Buying from our farm enables us to continue farming in such a way that puts the land and animals first, not the bottom line. We really care about customer satisfaction and strive to make sure you know it. Take a chance on us, we promise you won't regret it!

How do I get my products? Do you deliver?
How do I get my products? Do you deliver?

You can either have them delivered by us, or pick them up from the farm. We are also working on having weekly drop off points. If you are custom ordering a whole or half pig you can also pick it up from the butcher in Mount Forest. Please ensure you schedule an appointment with us if you decide to pick up your order at the farm, we want to make sure we are available and that your order is ready to go for you.

We offer free deliveries on orders over $400 within Grey County. If you are outside of this, don't worry, just contact us and we can work something out.


All other orders we can deliver to you for a fee, we are still developing our delivery services, but are currently working with $0.25 per kilometer fee that is payable upon delivery. We want to talk with you and schedule a time and place that works best, that is why we don't charge you when you check out.

What is the "hanging weight" of a pig?

Hanging weight, sometimes referred to as a dressed carcass, is the weight of the pig once the organs, hair, blood and inedibles have been removed. This is what you have before the carcass gets cut up into individual cuts of meat.

We charge by the hanging weight because the weight of the cuts you end up with varies depending on your personal preferences. Examples; If you have bone in ham vs black forest, pork chops vs. pork loin and back bacon, and whether you want the bones and organs.

This also promotes the use of the whole animal and decreases waste of perfectly delicious, but less popular, cuts.

Is your pork certified organic?

To put it simply, no. We say that we are beyond organic, because we do follow all the organic principles and only feed our pigs certified organic feed, but we do so much more also. Making sure our pigs have access to fresh pasture to forage on and making sure all their needs are met is what we feel is important. To us, it is about more than just what they are eating, we care about their quality of life and ensure they can express their "pigness". We may become certified organic in the future, but we are still looking into it.


There are also no pesticides or fertilizers used on our farm. Read more about our farm here.

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