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Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you seek, in one place.

How do I get my products? Do you deliver?

Right now, the only option we offer is farm pick up. If you are custom ordering a whole or half pig you can also pick it up from the butcher in Mount Forest. Please ensure you contact us before stopping by our farm, we want to make sure we are available and that your order is ready to go for you.

What is the "hanging weight"?

Hanging weight, sometimes referred to as a dressed carcass, is the weight of the pig or lamb once the organs, hair, blood and inedibles have been removed. This is what you have before the carcass gets cut up into individual cuts of meat.

We charge by the hanging weight because the weight of the cuts you end up with varies depending on your personal preferences. Examples; If you have bone in ham vs schnitzel, pork chops vs. pork loin and peameal, and whether you want the bones and organs.

Selling by hanging weight instead of by the cut promotes the use of the whole animal and decreases waste of perfectly delicious, but less popular, cuts. 

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