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Huber's Wildwood Farm is a small family operation run by Olivia and Nick Huber in Holland Centre, Ontario. We purchased our 100 acre farm in 2016 and started making our goal a reality.


Taking proper care of our land is very important to us and we do our best to manage it in a way that promotes overall health and improves our soil. We are inspired by Joel Salatin, use permaculture principles and practice regenerative farming. In keeping with this philosophy, we use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers anywhere on our farm, and our animals are GMO, hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic free. Most of our property is forest and we try to promote the natural wildlife and their habitats.


Our main focus started out as pigs but we have branched out since then. We have pasture raised lamb, chickens and turkeys. We have also welcomed a few bee hives to our farm as well. In 2019 we started a permaculture orchard that we are constantly improving, and are growing vegetables in our ever expanding garden. We are constantly learning and adapting to new challenges, farming sure isn't for the faint of heart, but we couldn't imagine doing anything else!

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