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Huber's Wildwood Farm is a small family operation run by Olivia and Nicholas Huber in Holland Centre, Ontario. We purchased our 100 acre farm in 2015 and later that year Olivia's father, Jack Boersema, moved from BC to be part of the operation. Our name 'Wildwood' actually came from the previous owner, whose family had owned the farm for many years. 


Taking proper care of our land is very important to us and we do our best to manage it in a way that promotes overall health and returns nutrients to the soil. We are inspired by Joel Salatin, use permaculture principles and practice regenerative farming. In keeping with this philosophy, we use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers anywhere on our farm, and our animals are GMO, hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic free. Most of our property is forest and we try to promote the natural wildlife and their habitats.


Our main focus is our pigs, but we have other things on the go as well. Currently, we have free range laying hens that we get fresh eggs from and are trying out pastured meat chickens this year with the possibility of expanding into them more. We also have an orchard that we started in 2019 that we are constantly improving and are growing vegetables in our ever expanding garden. We are taking everything one step at a time and are being responsible about our farms growth so we can ensure optimal sustainability.

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