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Lamb, Whole or Half

Taste the difference of our Katahdin sheep, you'll never go back to ordinary lamb. It truly is different, and so delicious! Purchasing a whole or half lamb gives you plenty of options to choose from, whether you like roasts or chops, you get a bit of everything! Options include:


-Leg chops or bone in leg roast or bone out leg roast

-Loin Chops


-Bone in shoulder roast or bone out shoulder roast or shoulder chops


-Stew meat or ground

-Organ meats and soup bones


Our price is $10 per pound hanging weight plus the butcher cost (per lamb). The butcher fee is approximately $80-$150 depending on which butcher we use and your choice for paper or plastic wrapped, etc. Our hanging weights are typically 40-50 lbs. One whole lamb would fit in a standard sized cooler (approximately).


We start taking deposits in the spring and you can expect to have your lamb around January or February, depending on rate of growth and the butchers schedule. We usually use J-Mar Meats in Mount Forest, but may use other butchers. Once your lamb is ready, you can either pick it up from our farm or from the butcher. We require a $100 deposit per half, and the rest of the cost will be due when your portion is ready. Our preferred method of payment is etransfer (or cash) and payments can be sent to


Our lamb is grass fed out on pasture during the spring, summer and fall. We follow regenerative rotational grazing practices which is healthier for our fields and for our sheep. On our farm, we do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. You can feel good about the quality of our products and welcome any questions. 

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