Our sausages are like nothing you can buy from the grocery store. Delicious flavour, juicy, yet not greasy, and absolutely no fillers! They are so versatile too. Wonderful as a main dish, in spaghetti sauce, on a hot dog bun, or in a soup. The possibilities are endless! 


A four pack of sausage typically weighs around 580 grams (1.25 pounds). The breakfast sausages are smaller and come in a lighter package, typically weighing around 430 grams (0.95 lbs), and have eight in a package.


**Price is per pack**

All our heritage breed pigs are raised out in the fields and forests with plenty of room, fresh air and sunshine. They are able to root around and act out their true nature. Our pork is GMO, hormone, and antibiotic free.



Be sure not to over cook! Add a little water and lard, cover with a lid and cook at barely a simmer. Remove the lid to evaporate the water and brown the outside a little.

The middle may still be a little pink when finished. Try cutting them in half length wise to speed things up a little or to ensure thorough cooking.