Buying our pork in whole or half portions is the best value you can get. You receive a wide variety of cuts, and when you pre order, you decide exactly which cuts and flavours those are. A typical order includes:

-Bacon (smoked or not)

-Sausage (regular, regular smoked, honey garlic, breakfast, garlic, italian mild, italian hot) or ground pork

-Pork chops or peameal bacon and pork loin


-Ham (black forest, old fashioned, steaks, or bone in fresh ham)

-Butt roast or chops




-Leaf Lard


Our price is $5.35 per pound for the hanging weight which includes the cost of the butcher. A typical hanging weight is 220 lbs for a whole pig. Cuts are brown butcher paper wrapped or can be vaccum packed for an additonal $0.15/pound.


*** Please note this is a deposit only, and the rest of the cost will be due when your portion is ready. ***


All our heritage breed pigs are raised out in the fields and forests with plenty of room, fresh air and sunshine. They are able to root around and act out their true nature. Our pork is GMO, hormone, and antibiotic free.

Deposit for Whole or Half Pig

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